OHMYGOD all the time ;D



OHMYGOD all the time ;D


Excerpt of Alter Ego - Sex Scene.

Off in the distance was Big Ben, on which I could clearly see the time that was about three a.m. when I looked out the taxi’s window. Of course, I hadn’t been window-gazing the whole car ride to Harry’s flat. His jacket was now on the floor of the car and his shirt was almost completely unbuttoned.

"And here we ar—-"

The moment the taxi came to the momentary stop in front of the towering building, Harry and I were out, my heels hanging from my fingertips as we both scurried inside, ignoring the driver’s farewells.

We both had eager grins on our faces, to the point where we were almost laughing. Harry had had his keys out and ready in his hands from the moment we left the club, so the moment we were to his flat’s door, his key was inserted into the lock and a soft ‘click’ sounded before we barged in, slamming the door behind us.

The moment we were in the privacy of his own place, we practically collapsed onto his low-set bed. I was on top, and I had one hand on top of his curls and the other was clawing at his back. Both of his hands were on my butt, pulling me to him that way lustfully.

"Enough of this," I giggled into his lips, and I tugged at the V-shape that had been made from the partially unbuttoned shirt, ripping out the rest of the buttons, ruining the shirt. I wasn’t really sorry, and he didn’t really care. In a moment, the remains of his shirt were on the ground, and he was working his way to the zipper in the back of my dress.

To make it easier for him —- hell, I probably wanted it off more than he did —-, I sat up and twisted my body around for him to see the zipper much more clearly. He pulled it down until it was completely free, and then I jumped up onto the bed. Harry wasn’t far behind. He pressed his forehead against mine, smirking as he pulled down from the top of the dress, where my chest was, it easily falling to my ankles after the top hit my hips. I kicked them off to the floor and I put my hand to Harry’s knee. I trailed up, giggling slightly, until I reached what I’d been looking for. His bulge.

I fingered at it slightly and Harry bit his lip to keep from moaning, which was the opposite of what I wanted. I fingered up to the clasp on his jeans and undid them, then quickly knelt down to pull them down completely. He stepped out of them and I smiled, pleased to get that nuisance out of the way. I then, still on my knees, wrapped my arms around his hips and leaned in and pecked his bulge which quickly grew. I then trailed up his torso, neck, and lastly, his lips. He picked me up bridal style, then set me down on the bed before him. He crept on top of me, one hand over my heart and the other resting on my stomach. He went in for a kiss the way a vampire would bite someone: thirsty.

Harry had been hovering over me slightly by a few inches, but it felt like feet, and I gripped his back, pulling him completely against me. I felt this sudden urge to have every last bit of our bodies touching. Skin against skin. But there were some things in the way of that.

I hooked my index finger to the top elastic band of Harry’s briefs and tugged on it gently. Thank God I was blessed with long fingers, because when put my finger at a certain spot, I could feel the very top of him, my finger’s pad just grazing it.

"I want you…" I whispered, "so badly…"

"Believe me, love," Harry chuckled, his voice much lower than ever before, and this time had a shaky edge to it. "The feeling is definitely mutual."

"So have me," I replied closing my eyes and reaching my free hand to my back, reaching for the clasp of my bra, but one of Harry’s large hands covered it before I could make it.

"I believe that’s my job."

He then turned his focus on releasing myself from the what now felt stuffy bra. It was on the floor in record time and I threw my head back with a, “Mmm…” escaping my lips as Harry’s own set found my nips. I ran my fingers through my hair but that’s not what they wanted.

"Just let me have it," I demanded louder than I’d expected. Harry and I’s hands both shot toward his briefs, and in the blink of an eye, they were in the same pile as everything else. I grabbed his shoulders and spun around so that I was on top. I backed up so that I was level with his freed length. I leaned down with my hands, cradling him momentarily before bringing my lips down to his tip, just brushing my lips against it at first. My tongue was slightly out, tasting the pre-cum cautiously. Then, I opened my mouth wider and leaned in until his tip was against the back of my throat. He let out a loud moan and, if I weren’t in the position I was in, I’d have proudly smirked.

That—" he shouted, slamming his eyes shut hard and clamming his two rows of teeth together to keep from blurting to much. Not that I would’ve minded. It means I’ve done my job well.

"M-my turn," Harry muttered through his teeth as if he didn’t want to. I came up beside him and laid on my back, removing my panties in the process and flinging them across the room. He spun and then he was on top of me. He gave me one long, rough kiss before glancing down to insert himself through my entrance. He reached up and grabbed the sheets above my head in his fists as he began to thrust, hard.

As painful as it was, I was overly eager and didn’t let myself tell him to stop. Instead, I let out a ‘fuck’ and then a shrill scream rumbled from my vocal chords. This must’ve excited Harry, because if it were even possible, he elongated inside of me.

I gripped the sheets with my left and and my right wrapped around his back, my nails making scratch marks on it, but I was certain that he was actually enjoying it rather than the opposite. I tried to focus on my attention mostly toward the connection of my lips to the side of Harry’s neck, but it was no use. The wonderful pain that he was causing me was too hard to push aside.

Finally, he slowed to a stop and fell beside me. We didn’t say a word to each other; we just panted heavily, each wiping our foreheads from the sweat that had formed there. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry turn his head toward me, so I made eye contact with him. After seeing each other eye-to-eye after everything, we both started laughing. It hurt my throat though, because already I was out of breath, so the laughs came out unattractively and I scrunched up my nose and closed my eyes, resting my body as best I could until I drifted off into unconsciousness.

Oh my God this is me.

Oh my God this is me.

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Reblog if you’re Single.


Good lord, all of us on tumblr should just date eachother

11 million

i’m going to be reblogging this for the rest of my existence.

i’ve never seen a post with so many notes

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Me: Hey Mom, can I go move to England with my new boyfriend who I’ve only known for a hour?

Mom: Of course you can! Have fun! :D

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Seriously tell me hes Happy….look at him he looks so depressed and unhappy in the first one as if he was like “Oh…..Cameras” so he tries to smile but you can clearly tell thats is the fakest smile ever 

he is not happy at all you would think he would be hes just played the biggest gig of his entire career so whats he got to be upset and sad about? 


Dude. Dude. Dude. Since he just got done playing the biggest gig of his entire career (though I think that was the Olympics, not MSG), obviously he’s fucking EXHAUSTED. It’s not because he’s with Eleanor at the moment or because of the ‘Haylor’ rumors or whatever other shit you people come up with. -_-

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And then Wellington…never forget

this is the first time I’ve ever seen this clearly

^^ sarcasm’s finest, @writingabetterlife



And then Wellington…never forget

this is the first time I’ve ever seen this clearly

^^ sarcasm’s finest, @writingabetterlife

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Omg guys it’s Louis’ home.

image ”You know it bitch,” he says.

I found a Mr. X on Omegle.


'it's not who you would expect it to be'


Because there’s like no bxb fanfics about him and another member. Plenty for the others but next to none with him.

I’m legit freaking about this guys.





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